Making your own soap with pure glycerin soap is super easy. You can buy it in 1, 2, and 3 lbs. bricks which you then melt in the microwave, color any color you want and add your favorite scent. You then pour it into a mold of some sort (a milk carton works well) and let it set-up! It's so fun being able to make soap that's in bright cheerful colors. And bright soap looks so wonderful in glass jars in the bathroom. Another great idea from Martha Stewart is pouring the melted soap into an ice cube tray and making what she calls soap cubes. they're really cute and the perfect size for little hands in the kids bathroom! Michael's has the glycerin soap bricks for sale but I recommend buying them on-line as they are the same price per pound, (except shipping), then you can get pure and natural soap gentle enough for newborns!
A great place to buy it is at...www.clearlynaturalsoaps.com
I thought this might make a great craft fair item!


Christine Cohen said...

Wow, those look fantastic! I love that bright red color, and they look so cute with the ribbon tied on them. Did you use food coloring?

Rayia said...

Thanks! Yes, it is food coloring, so as you can imagine you could do any color you wanted, and it's very inexpensive. You just have to go easy on the coloring, a little goes a LONG way!

bethany said...

I think this would be a wonderful craft fair idea for those of you who might hate sewing/knitting. Maybe candle-making too?!

Mackenzie Miller said...

I love how you can make this in different shapes. In last year's Martha craft magazine they had an article on it where they added things like coffee grounds and put them in all sorts of household objects to make pretty shapes. It's a great idea for the craft fair!

Anonymous said...

Anna Landis has some wonderful soap blends she used to make & sold here at a craft fair.

Her "Man Soap" was a favourite of my husband, but alas, we ran out!
~Moriah Barach~

Deborah R Foucachon said...

I'd sure buy cute and bright-colored soap cubes at the fair! :) It's so fun to have all these cool and original craft ideas from all you church ladies! Take this soap craft for instance...it's not something I'd have thought of making myself, but it sounds easy AND fun, AND super useful! I'm sure it makes a great hostess gift too!