Man crafts

Since I'm not really a knitter or crocheter I have trouble sometimes coming up with things I can make for my husband and sons. My husband really gets a kick out of crafts done just for him, but it takes a little more work to come up with 'manly' rather than 'cute.'

One year he bought me a copy of Cynthia Treen's book Last Minute Fabric Gifts. So I made him this scarf:

It's made out of a nice brown wool herringbone that was a suit jacket in its first life. The fringes are a cream wool yarn. It was pretty easy (except that the fringes took WAY longer than I had anticipated). It looks nicer in real life than in this picture, honest.

Bethany mentioned that she has a slick way to make kid ties from men's ties and I'm excited to try it. But I want to see some more man crafts! Bring yours out and post it!


bethany said...

oh man, Mackenzie! Now you've got the pressure on me to whip-up some kids ties! :) jk- I like the scarf!

Mackenzie Miller said...

Oh good, I was hoping to force your hand! I can't wait to give them a try - your boys looked so handsome on Easter.

Rayia said...

Really nice scarf! I've been trying to think up some "manly" crafts that don't look cute! And I can't wait for the ties too! Bring it on!

Abby said...

The easiest possible way to make a boys tie, in my opinion, is to find a cool skinny tie from the 60's,cut it off, and hem it. Eliot has a nice red silk tie that I got from a yard sale and then did the old cut/hem. I have sewn him a navy blue tie from a pattern, but cutting off skinny ties has become my favorite method so far. Does that even qualify as a craft?

Anonymous said...

What about a nifty bag or pouch of some sort for smoking paraphenelia? I know we've been trying to find a manly looking bag for John to carry his pipe & tobacco. What we've come across is either, too large, too expensive or way too foofy.
~Moriah Barach~

Anonymous said...

oops "paraphernalia"