We had fun getting these items together for you all. Please come shop!


Jolly top

I finished this top for the Jolly this week. It's size 2, in pale blue linen with white stripes. It's a variation on Sugar City Journal's Village Frock pattern. (By the way, I talked with a prominent craft blogger who reassured me that it's fine to use these types of patterns to sell for nonprofit fund raising purposes. She just said you need to be sure to give credit for the pattern on the tag. Thers some great free and for-purchase patterns on some of these blogs that are a lot of fun and super cute.)


Tag "Sailors" at Work! :)

Hello Ladies! We had a couple of good work days for the Jolly's Tag Sale. There are some pretty nifty pieces being fixed up, refreshed, or just cleaned up and prepped for a new home! Some adorable baby and kids' rooms items too.

Molly sorting and fixing and painting!
Trish and Jan painting away!