Save the earth! (one craft project at a time)

Come on, reuse some stuff in your closet or linen drawer. It's the perfect solution if you've been wanting to make something but can't make a trip to the fabric store. It's also a happy way to hang on to something you love but will never fit again. Plus, it's free. And if someone's being snarky about your carbon footprint you can reassure them that you repurpose old clothes. That'll show 'em...

I'm hoping that there will be a decent showing of little girl clothes at this craft fair. Here's my latest repurposed craft, a skirt for Alice from an old dress of mine.
Even the lace trim was part of the old dress. I didn't even have to hem this or make the sideseams, I just used the bottom of my dress, added a yoke, elastic, and some tucks, and voila! See? Repurposing also saves you from having to do a lot of the sewing.

I used some fabric from another project for a shirt:
And we're ready for the hopscotch playing field!
Any thoughts on clothes for the fair? Would you buy them (or at least want them)? Maybe some Christmas dresses or fallish skirts?

On a repurposing note, if any of you have an old skirt/dress out of solid black, navy, red, brown, or grey fabric that's heading for the goodwill bin, send me an email. I have a boy project perfect for the craft fair I've been wanting to try.


Rachel Jankovic said...

It's all very cute, but I love the shirt - way to go!

Rayia said...

I adore the white shirt, I'd buy one for my little girl! So cute!

Abby said...

I would definitely buy little girl clothes, and think Luxie's Grandma might buy some too.