What with the lack of new posts and all...

Yes, it is true. I am posting pictures of unfinished projects. It turns out that I have a bit of a fixation on making rugs. I have not yet completed a rug , but I have started a few. Here are two of the few. Both are ridiculously easy techniques, and I think they are both pretty cool results. The one on the bottom is made with rag strips and yarn. You use a tool that is basically a crochet hook with a yarn needle handle. You thread the yarn through the eye, hook a row of strips through the backing, then pull the hook through them (pulling the yarn through too). The reason I have not finished this one is that in the fever of new project enthusiasm I started a design without thinking about it, with whatever colors of fabric I had that I didn't mind cutting up. I would recommend a more structured plan, or a less structured. The rug I saw that got me into this concept was just a straight rag rug (no pictures) which would be both faster and easier. I do need to finish it, since I refuse to throw it away.
The second rug is knit. This is a very fun method, and although the original concept was to use old T-shirts, I found that it takes a lot of T-shirts, and is kind of a pain. I switched to using knit sheets purchased at Ross. Here's the basic plan: fold a sheet in half, and sew or serge the long edge together. For the fitted sheet, trim off the elastic first. Then, cut strips about 1 " wide. They should be coming out like huge rubber bands. You will then loop these together in the classic rubber band looping technique, and roll into the largest ball of yarn ever. I then knit in basic garter stitch on size 19 needles. Cool rug begins emerging right away. I think that a larger needle would work great on this, as my rug could be looser. Make sure to buy circular needles so that your rug can be wider than 12". Also, I should note that if you are using different fabrics in stripes, make sure that the weight is about the same, so that the size stays consistent. Both of these are very quick and easy to make (says the girl who hasn't finished them), and would make a fun addition to the craft fair. What do you think?


Deborah said...

Hey Rachel,
I especially like the pink and blue knit rug...if it was in a more neutral color, I would use one as a bath mat (do you think it would work well as that?) or next to our bed on our wood floors, which can be chilly in the morning! :)

Rachel Jankovic said...

it is definitely in the bath mat strain. The colors are in fact the reason it is unfinished. Although I like the color fine, I don't need it anywhere, and I was just experimenting with a cheap sheet set. I would have finished it anyways, but I ran out of the aqua! I just need to take decisive action, but I keep procrastinating. Oh well!