Dressin' up!

I'm very excited about dress up clothes! When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be in Little House on the Prairie. I can't imagine little girls have changed that much... ? This Apron Bonnet was pretty easy, even for me, who can be kind of slow in sewing. I had to adjust the pattern I found online (http://tipnut.com/projectfiles/apronbonnetpattern.pdf) in order to make it fit smaller ladies. The lovely Summer Stokes (my neighbor) graciously agreed to model for me. :-)
I have many more ideas for dressin' up, including a more "prairie-looking" bonnet, but wanted you-all's thoughts first.


CLR said...

I just have to say this is the cutest project for little girls I have seen in a while. I always enjoy the little projects on this website. Thanks for the tip and the link.

Audrey said...

Greetings! I happened upon this blog from Femina. Great crafts. Such a sweet bonnet. I found directions for another sunbonnet at mother earth news (said you could make it in 2 hours) that I would like to try for my daughters (when they are a bit older).


Rachel Jankovic said...

Way to go Nellie! I am glad to see that someone is doing dress-ups! I think they will be hugely popular at the Jolly.

Mackenzie Miller said...

What a creative idea! We also loved playing the prairie games. Orphaned children heading west in a covered wagon. The bonnet/apron would have been a perfect accessory!

Deborah said...

Oh my, did my sister Suzanne and I ever play Little House on the Prairie!! :) We even had a little covered-wagon canvas-printed tent that we'd set up and down in the house or yard. We even dressed poor little Daniel up as Carrie, since valerie wasn't born yet--hey, we had to have a Carrie! So anyways... I think the dress-up stuff is a GREAT idea!