Knitting Bag

Sorry about the lighting on this picture, but most of you know about the weather right now, so we won't complain, we'll just press on with dark pictures. Anyways... I felt more like sewing than knitting I decide to sew a bag to put my then unfinished baby socks project in. I'm not sure why I ended up finishing the socks before the bag, but now both are done, so it must have been a good idea! I want to make a knitting notions bag to go with this, and I think other knitters will agree that you can never have too many project bags! Keeping your projects in cute bags with all of the necessary equipment makes picking up a project a pleasure, and easy to take along to boot.


Creason Family said...

Super cute, and I think it would be inspire me to keep trying to learn how to knit if I had such a great bag!

Rayia said...

Love the bag and the cute baby socks.

bethany said...

way to go! I'm so glad you finished the socks, they are beautiful! I like the bag theme we have going on right now too... I think the Fall Jolly could use a good helping of hand-crafted bags!