Rookie Jeweler

Earring making 101 with Abby Stevenson and Sandy Hoeft was a blast. I only bought one strand of big green beads from Michael's since this was my first go at jewelry making. The fact that Saint Patrick's day is coming up is sheer coincidence, however, you would be very appropriate wearing the middle set of earrings to any St. Patty's day event. Clearly, I need to expand with my color choices. But as Abby said in a comment below, I am now a bit of an addict.

The evening was so fun with Paula and Chelsea Jones to my left, Susanna Rench to my right, Cindy Roberts and Laurie Ditton sitting across from me and Hope and Beth Littlejohn at one end of the table with Christine Cohen at the other end. Christine even made snickerdoodles and they were really good.

Aaron sent me with the best needle nose pliers he rummaged around for in his toolbox. Fine point needle nose pliers with spring hinged handles provide constant tension when squeezing or releasing the plier handles. This is really helpful when you are dealing with small loops and little pieces. Also, round nose pliers are helpful in easily creating the loops you need to make earrings. So, buy some beads and come to the next party. It really was a lot of fun.


Rachel Jankovic said...

Yay! I'm all for more crafting addicts!

bethany said...

I really like the green! Way-to-go!

Nancy Wilson said...

Gentry, I am way impressed!

Abby said...

Yes! I'm excited that you're excited! Good job. Enthusiasm is contagious.