Bibs are pretty quick and easy to whip up, but they also be a canvas for all sorts of creativity. To get a quick bib pattern, grab any baby bib you like and trace it. You can then add a bit for a seam allowance and you're done.
I made a few this summer out of linen and some vintage repro fabric and then embroidered on the linen part. It makes them more fun (if not more practical).
Embroidery is great because it's very portable. It's a perfect summer vacation project and if you can't draw (I can't) you can trace something and then draw it on the fabric and embroider it. For a few of these bibs I used something in the cotton print fabric that I liked and traced it to embroider on the linen half. Here's a very handy 'video dictionary' of embroidery stitches so you can watch and learn how to make any particular stitch you fancy.
Just choose two fabrics (or three or more if you patchwork the front). You can sew the two halves together inside out (leaving a small gap), then turn out and top stitch in a fun color. For extra absorbency use flannel and/or sandwich a piece of terrycloth inside.
Here's the finished product. Paula Gibbs took this photo.


Rachel Jankovic said...

yay! I am thinking this is a good idea for cute scraps, and I need to make some anyways because Titus is a drooling machine. Thanks!

Abby said...

yes! I am totally on an embroidery kick right now. It's surprisingly easy, and it makes any project seem really special. Also, you don't have to count stitches or remember where you left off because it's fairly obvious.

Deborah R Foucachon said...

I love these! And as I am discovering, you can never have too many bibs! :)