Jewelry and More...

I, too, had a great time at Beading 101. It is so fun to see what each person creates. I think Abby and I have passed on some easy techniques to making earrings and other jewelry. We will have to have another workshop!

I read on another post about Fire Mountain Gems, a wholesale bead supply company, that Abby had earlier told me about. Here is the link http://www.firemountaingems.com/. There are fun tutorial videos that will make a beading addict out of you!

If you are interested in ordering, I will be placing a group order around the 1st of April. Just email.


Mackenzie Miller said...

Sandy, what's your email address?

Barbara said...

Wish I'd had Beading 101 when I started beading. :) I ended up with the make-it-up-as-you-go-along school of beading

I love the sky blue banded bead earrings. Leverbacks are just the best earwires ever (fishhooks always fall out of my ears).

Melissa said...

Greetings! I'm not actually doing anything with the Jolly, but I have need of someone with jewelry skills. I was just given a beaded necklace that's too long for me, and I'm looking for someone with more knowledge/skill than me (i.e. ANY) to shorten it. I'll gladly pay someone to do the work, and I figured this was the place to come for crafty types. If you can do it, email me: melissaedow {at} gmail {dot} com.


~Melissa Dow