Horsing around

My daughter loves horses. I have to admit, though, that I would have never of my own accord chosen to sew with horse fabric. But I found some fabric from Heather Ross and we made ourselves a horse dress.

My sewing has changed as my daughter has gotten bigger. When I first started sewing for her it was really just for me; I had fun and she was too small to know or care. Now she's getting more into it. She picks fabrics or rejects patterns for reasons I never would have thought of ("I love short sleeves." or "This doesn't twirl big."). And since I really am sewing for her now what I sew is not always what I would have picked. And actually, I'm enjoying it even more.

So is she.

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Bonnie Sentz said...

This is so darling Mackenzie! You are more than inspiring me to get my sewing machine fixed and start sewing things that Greta would love to wear. She definitely has her own style opinions. She currently prefers to go from nighttime p.j.'s to daytime p.j.'s and doesn't understand the need for anything else unless we are actually walking out the door...definitely time to broaden our horizons. :)