Mother / Daughter Aprons

I whipped these up using some fabric I bought a long time ago. They are very cheerful! The adult apron is a size Medium and the little girl apron fits a 4-5 year old girl. I am eager to make a few more using some different views and fabric.
I have to confess that I misunderstood an earlier email and brought these to the ladies luncheon. I jumped the gun I guess. I wasn't supposed to bring anything in yet. Then I forgot to go get them off the display table. So if those of you who packed up the table are wondering about these; mystery solved. It was me. :-)


bethany said...

So funny! Glad to know who they belong to! :) I have them with my stuff to turn in, and will bring them next time! They are super cute!

Mackenzie Miller said...

I think girls of that age just love to look like mom, so it's a great idea!