A little something for casual Friday

So, here is a silly little project. I finished this (when else?) late the night before Easter, but forgot to take a picture. So we did a little photo shoot this afternoon. I think this is pretty funny in this size, but it would be even better in toddler lengths. It ties like a real tie, is knit out of Patons grace yarn, is seamed up the back until the decreases, where it just rolls into almost an i-cord. I love this, because it was something manly to craft for a baby boy - and because it is just plain groovy. Titus loves it because the cotton absorbs all the drool he puts on it, and because he makes people laugh when he wears it!


Rayia said...

This is so cute, Rachel! And Titus, what a real charmer! I need to learn to knitt, I keep finding the coolest knitted crafts.

bethany said...

Love the boy crafts! The world needs lots more of those! I should post how to make the ties I made my boys for easter... I'll start working on that! :)

Deborah R Foucachon said...

So adorable! Makes me want to have a boy next...and yes, things must be going well because I'm already looking forward to our 2nd baby! :)