Little Artist Smock

Easter is all cleaned up now, and the house is recovered, so we are back on the crafting train! I've been thinking of something like this apron for a while. Initially the pocket for each colored pencil seemed a little too fiddly, but then I watched my daughter using something like the art roll-up Bethany made, and realized that taking things out of the pocket and putting them back in was practically more fun than coloring. Anyways I decide to try it, and I really like the results. I think that we should do something like this for the craft fair because it could be a great Christmas gift along with a little easel, or just art supplies. What do you think?


Sarah said...

I love it Rachel. I think you're right, half the fun is just taking the colors in and out. I saw Gracie doing this exact thing earlier with her new box of eight jumbo crayolas. The problem is that a flimsy cardboard box will only put up with that kind of treatment for so long. Something more sturdy and cute would be much better.

bethany said...

I love it too! I have been wanting to try and make this, and I think I am inspired now, and will make it's male counterpart! :) way to go, I'm still trying to catch up from Easter and my crafting-binge. ha! I will be back on board soon!

Rayia said...

Really cute. I adore the big button! I was thinking of doing something like this only more like a half-apron thing...not a good description...maybe I'll make it and post it!